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Welcome to the Miss Executive Blog!

Well Hello and Welcome to the Miss Executive Blog!

This blog has been created around my virtual assisting firm, Executive Business Services, LLC. What is a virtual assistant exactly you ask? Well, we’ll get to that in the next blog, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to the blog and tell you a bit about why I started it and what it’s going to entail. I hope that you’ll continue to be a frequent visitor.

As Miss Executive, I am passionate about research and everything to do with business, from starting them, to growing them, to selling them, and everything in between. I research a lot of business topics, products, and services and people are always asking me how and where I find all the information. So I thought putting together a blog where I can share my research and information would be a good place to start. The research kind of goes hand in hand with my VA practice as well and since I specialize in helping businesses with a large array of administrative and business services, it just happened to make a lot of sense in hosting a blog along side my business. For a more detailed list of who I am and the services I provide, you can visit the Services Page of this blog.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and discussing business in the near future. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Here’s to a bright future!

Miss Executive


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