Here’s a list of some of our most desired services, but we also provide sparkling business solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

AdministrativeAssistanceAdministrative Support, Business Management & Support: We handle all the day to day tasks for your business, manage projects, and provide support in every level of your business so that you can focus ON your business. 

BookkeepingBookkeeping, financial management and reporting, profit & loss, expense tracking, forecasting and more: We have a knack for finding ways to cut costs, increase revenues, and decrease expenses.

AdvertisingDevelopment Business Development, Marketing, Branding and Advertising: We’ll work with you to develop a sound strategy in bringing your brand to market through effective marketing and branding techniques. We can develop your website, marketing materials, flyers, brochures, etc. all while implementing your strategy.

SocialMediaMarketingSocial Media and Digital Marketing: We’re passionate & experienced in social media and digital marketing. Our team can develop your social media ads, help develop effective campaigns, research your market,   provide analytical reporting, and complete social media management. Adept in all of the latest and greatest social media platforms and tools.

BrochuresContent Creation & Management: We’re expert writers and can easily create a variety of content to fit your needs. We’ll write the content for your website, business correspondence, professional letters, business plans, articles, blogs, company manuals, policies and procedures, SOP’s, safety manuals, whitepapers, technical information and more.

LoanandFinanceAssistanceLoan & Finance Assistance & Start-up Assistance: We’ve helped form businesses all over the United States. We’ll guide you through the necessary steps to get off on the right foot. We have extensive knowledge in helping obtain business loans, grants, tax credits, etc.

BusinessAssistanceBusiness Planning & Strategic Growth: Have an idea of where you want your business to go, but not sure how to tackle it? We can help. We thrive on these types of challenges. We provide assistance in writing your business plan, forecasting, cash flow, and taking your business to the next level!

BusinessPlanningScheduling, Travel Arrangement, & Event Planning: Do you find yourself unable to keep track of upcoming appointments? Need someone who is handy at making travel arrangements? Have a big event or meeting coming up and need a hand managing all the details? We’ve got you covered!

ResearchandCompetitiveAnalysisResearch & Competitive Analysis:  Tina is passionate about research and has the unique ability to find anything! She’s built a reputation based on her phenomenal research capabilities and has been known by colleagues as the “Bulldog”. She’s also terrific at completing competitive analysis’. Curious about what your competitor is and isn’t doing? Don’t stress that’s our job.

If you have a specific need that’s not listed above, we would love the opportunity to dazzle you with our abilities. Be sure to take advantage of our FREE Business Operations Audit, for more information feel free to contact us today.


At Executive Business Services, LLC. as a client YOU are OUR business and WE believe that YOU deserve to be treated a certain way. We present to you, our Client Bill of Rights.

The Client Bill of Rights:

  1. A price comparable to the value I provide
  2. Your instructions shall be followed not just to the T, but from A to Z
  3. Sparkling attention to detail in all that I do
  4. No time wasting or over billing
  5. Quality product and service deliverables
  6. I will provide Dazzling examples of professionalism and service
  7. Help my clients with time saving, cost saving, and business growth recommendations
  8. Complete respect for you, your staff, your business, your clients, and your vendors
  9. Confidentiality of the strictest nature

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