Must Have Online Tools for Business


As a small business owner myself, running a virtual business firm has me running everyone elses businesses too. I love what I do, but I wouldn’t be able to do it without some much needed help from some amazing online tools.

My day starts off with 17hats. On thier home page it says “Chaos. Simplified.” and that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. This software is the bomb.com for managing my time, tracking the time I spend on client projects with timers, invoicing, accepting online payments, lead capturing, it’s amazing!

I never have to listen to that horrible fax beeping and screeching at my office. Gone are those days and my life has been simplified with RingCentral. For just 14.99 per month I have a dedicated toll free fax number. I simply login to RingCentral online, scan my outgoing fax as a PDF into my computer, attach it as an outgoing fax and hit send. All incoming faxes go right into my email, I can simply download them, email them, print them, etc. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

I create a lot of marketing materials, flyers, and social media content and I use a variety of different programs, but this new one I found last year is awesome and it’s FREE, although you can upgrade to a better professional version for a small monthly fee, CANVA. This little program makes anyone look like a graphic designer and it’s super fun to use with hundreds of existing templates already properly sized for your media or you can customize them yourself.

If you want to network and really get your name out there you NEED to be on LinkedIn. This professional yet social platform has done more for me than anything else in my professional career. There are many aspects to what makes LinkedIn an amazing tool for your business but some of the best aspects are the ad campaigns, sales navigator, sponsored content, and more. It can really put you in touch with the right people in your industry.

There are many other programs in addition to these that I use and for a partial list you can visit my website at www.execbusinessservices.com/.

Miss Executive ~ Tina Holtz



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