Top 5 reasons you need a Dun & Bradstreet # for your Biz

Dun & Bradstreet. Most small to mid-sized companies have heard of Dun & Bradstreet but many still don’t truly understand what it is, how it works, or why you need them. I’ll admit that I think Dun & Bradstreet’s sales calls and representatives are extremely pushy and sometimes just down right hard to deal with because they don’t like taking no for an answer when they want you to sign up for their services. However, having a Dun & Bradstreet number can be very, very important to your business. Here’s the top 5 reasons you need a Dun & Bradstreet Number for your business.

Image Courtesy of http://www.d&b.com

1.) Having a Dun & Bradstreet number creates and defines separation from your personal credit and business credit. Stop using your personal credit for the business. Increase your ability to qualify for better loans, negotiate lower interest rates from financial institutions, and no longer have to personally gaurantee every loan.

2.) Define your company for the professional business it is and join the global network of businesses who rely upon Dun & Bradstreet for streamling their operations, analytics, data, and management.

3.) Dun & Bradstreet provides a full reportaire of business solutions no matter what size company you are. Build your business credit, credit management, credit monitoring, financial risk reports, growth strategies, specific industry information, marketing solutions, and more. Dun & Bradstreet provides you with a knowledge base second to none so that you can take your business to the next level.

4.) By joining Dun & Bradstreet you can make informed decisions. You can check business history and credit on potential creditors to see if they are safe company to do business with, you can investigate customers to determine credit risk, research potential business partners, monitor your competition, and so much more.

5.) Through their marketing solutions you can obtain access to potential businesses that you may not otherwise be able to reach. Through establishing an online presence and credibility with D&B, along with access to their entire business directory, you can get your business verified, create a target market and obtain customized leads using the most up-to-date information, and work with a marketing expert who can help you grow your business.

Image Courtesy of http://www.lifeplansinc.com

No matter what stage your business is in or what goals you hope to achieve, Dun & Bradstreet surely has some terrfic solutions to help your business.

I want to add that I just had a client sign up for D&B recently. Because they have now separated their personal credit from their business credit, they were able to qualify with a vendor they previously could not through their personal credit. Through this new opportunity they are now saving thousands of dollars annually and their D&B investment has by more than paid off.

Check it out! www.d&b.com

Tina Holtz~ Miss Executive

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