The Joy of a New Office Space

Midland BuildingI moved into a new office in beautiful Rifle, Colorado a few weeks ago. For the past three years I ran Executive Business Services, LLC on a part-time basis while I worked my full time job in the Oil and Gas Industry. I was unexpectedly laid off in March of this year due to an economic downturn in the industry. I wasn’t truly surprised that layoff’s happened, but I was surprised when I was called into the office and I was one of the layoffs.

I started working more and more on my business and within a few weeks I had two clients keeping me busy for about 25-30 hours a week. Soon I realized that this is what I absolutely love doing and that I was ready to go at it full-time. My passion is business and I enjoy helping people with their businesses. It is very gratifying for me and it makes me happy!

Office SIgnWorking from home definitely has it’s benefits for sure, but for me it posed many challenges. I remember when my kids were little all I dreamed of was a work at home job.

The main issue for me is that I live in the mountain boonies. I don’t get cell service at home and I don’t get high speed internet. I have satellite internet and I am limited to only 10 GB a month at a VERY high cost. A new challenge this year was that one of my children decided to home school through an online school which meant she would need access to the internet too and suddenly I thought, this is it. I HAVE TO GET AN OFFICE IN TOWN! I was literally driving into town to take my other child to school each morning, driving home to work, and when a client called for me to come to town or if I needed to run errands I was back in town. I was racking up mileage faster than I ever imagined.

So in July I moved into a beautiful historic building called The Midland in downtown Rifle. It has opened so many new avenues for me and the business. I am easily able to run any errand on foot, I can visit with prospective clients at the restaurants just a few feet away, and I have found more people take the business serious now that I have an actual office.

In addition to that, I have SUPER FAST internet, cell service, and somewhere that separates my home life from my work life. I also have clients visit my office from time to time and the fact that my child and I share an office for her homeschooling has worked out very well. It’s been amazing and I am so happy that I did it.

Tina- Miss Executive

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